DaVinci’s Last Supper – Straightforward Once You Understand Precession

How many times have you seen Leonardo DaVinci’s “Last Supper”? If you are a Westerner like me you have been shown this painting countless times by institutions like churches, schools or “the media”. We have been told that it is a masterpiece. We have seen clergy and flock alike refer to it with great reverence. Since I’m not an art connoisseur, I never had a strong opinion on the quality of the art. I always thought it was a reasonable depiction of a scene from a storybook — and of course that’s what it is.

After I was exposed to the findings of some truly gifted scholars and researchers, I discovered what I believe is the true meaning of this painting, and it is 100% in-line with the meaning of the New Testament. I now consider this to be a playful and witty painting. And I’m fairly certain that those who have pushed this on us as being a “masterpiece” like it for exactly this reason. They’re in on the joke.

I want to be clear that I am not an initiate of any of the secret societies and orders that are responsible for religion-building in the West. But DaVinci was. So, I beleive there are almost certainly more levels encoded into this work that I can’t know. Or maybe not. In any case, DaVinci rather blatantly presents the ideas behind the story in a playful and witty manner as I will explore with you here.

Once I studied this painting after learning about esoteric religion and astrotheology, the meaning became quite clear. And one thing I’ve learned about these “insiders” and this type of encoding is that the artist (or author, in the case of written texts) will generally alert the audience that something of importance is being encoded by apparently making a mistake. The “mistakes” in this painting gave me the bearings I needed. Then, when I laid my “map” over this painting, it worked perfectly.

So, I present to you now, my interpretation of this ingenious painting:

I will explore the depiction of each DISCiple (aka Zodiac sign) in turn. DaVinci has identified them with playful hints (Leo’s mane, Pisces two-handed gesture, Virgo obviously being a woman, Scorpio having an “extra hand” that is holding a knife that is pointed backward, etc.)

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